Astro is a fictional brand for a design exercise, but the sentiment behind its creation is sincere. We as humans are are wrapped up in our life on the ground, but to gaze upwards on a dark night can quickly remind us that we exist as a small pinpoint of light among many, many others.
Astro chocolate bars seek to be a small light in a dark void. A heavenly bite for us earth-bound humans. These bars are special—inspired by the world around us, and crafted with care on our pinpoint of light within the infinite expanse of stars. 
Inspired by the navigational menu of the Bungie Inc.'s Destiny 2 (below), the packaging incorporated an array of subtle, intricate dot patterns and photography of the universe. The logo mark also utilizes these same formal elements, tying the two together in pursuit of creating a sense of wonder and awe. ​​​​​​​
Early sketches exploring various dot patterns and arrangements, inspired by planetary rings and the makeup of solar systems (below).
Logo mark variations, late in the process after the design direction had been narrowed down (below).
(Below) Packaging design layout, accounting for the folds of the packaging and the text, so that the pattern would be impactful when viewed from each side.  
The final packaging designs work together in harmony as the flavors Nova, Nebula, and Nexus, each bar and each bite seeking to give us a gentle reminder of the world around us.
(Below) Final packaging photography (click to enlarge).
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